Preview Episode #007 – Francesco Iorio & Massimiliano Moruzzi


Are you curious to learn about a new technology that lets us think beyond the limits of human imagination?

Design, automation, AI, advanced computational science! Today we would like to introduce our next podcast guests: Francesco Iorio - CEO at Augmenta, and Massimiliano Moruzzi - Head of Business Development & Cognitive Engineering at Augmenta.

Massimiliano previously led research and development of substantial innovations in intelligent robotics and advanced materials. Francesco was the Director of Computational Science Research at Autodesk, where he spearheaded the creation of Generative Design.

Augmenta has developed a revolutionary form of generative design that combines AI and computational techniques to change the way we engineer solutions to complex problems. 


Imagine what this means:


Rather than simply representing the user's design intent, as all traditional design software does, Augmenta’s generative design systems use AI to learn from both real and simulated worlds, generating extremely novel and high performing designs and then empowering users to explore a wide range of possible solutions.

This new way of working augments human beings’ abilities, helping them be more creative, and freeing them from their own limitations, biases and constraints.

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Episode #006 – Fabian Hediger


Unique, rebellious, brillant!

These are the most suitable adjectives to describe our next guest in the EEC Podcast: Fabian Hediger, CEO & founder of Worldwebforum and co-founder & president of the board of directors at beecom, an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner.

This man stands for the future, for radical digitalization, for modern leadership! And he attracts exactly such people at his legendary Worldwebforum. He manages to bring such legends of our tecnological age on stage as:

  • Steve Wozniak, Apple’s co-founder 
  • Ed Catmull, co-Founder & President at Pixar
  • John Sculley, who was CEO of Apple for ten years
  • Claude Zellweger, Director of Design at Google
  • Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Inventor of the World Wide Web and many more!

These are events where you can meet Joschka Fischer, former German foreign minister and vice chancellor, Lars Ulrich from Metallica and Werner Vogels, CTO at Amazon at the same time. Crazy? No, if it's different, it's Worldwebforum!

Let's talk about trends in technology driven industries, about disruption & about sustainability in business models and networks and about leadership.


The most favorite episode of our listeners:

Episode #004 – Thomas Ingenlath 


Our outstanding guest this time: CEO of Polestar, Thomas Ingenlath! We always announce in the podcast „Whether at live events or in the digital world, we bring together cool promising tech startups with exciting innovative global players and generate a platform where the world of sustainable technology meets.“ In this episode it couldn't be more fitting - we have a little bit of both - back-up from established automotive companies, but also elements of start-up dynamics in the daily work at Polestar. 


Dynamic, sustainable, efficient, purist, bold, noble - simply Polestar!


Thomas answered many technical and strategic questions - honestly, competently and thoughtfully!


EEC Podcast would not be EEC Podcast without a personal, inspiring touch!


Thomas also shared with us many personal insights:

- Who and what was crucial in his career

- What advice he would have given young Thomas 

- Which advice was most important in his life so far


...and much more!


Feel this energy, inner conviction and drive! Let it inspire you!