New Episode #013 - Benyamin Parto and Izac Assia

Once again we have the pleasure to introduce you, our dear listener, to two brilliant guests with whom Dr. Ludmilla Derr talked about advanced stereo sensing solutions for autonomous vehicles: Benyamin Parto, as Director of Business Development and Izac Assia as Director of Product Management, both at Foresight Automotive.

And of course they also talked a bit about the Israeli spirit as a startup nation - of course, what else? Because Foresight Automotive is an Israeli company and was founded in 2015 to be a strong player in the design, development and commercialization of stereo/quad camera vision systems for the automotive industry. Foresight’s stereoscopic technology is derived from its major shareholder Magna B.S.P’s field-proven security technology that has been deployed worldwide for almost two decades and is IP-protected by patents. It incorporates 3D video analysis, advanced algorithms for image processing and sensor fusion.

Enjoy listening and let's learn together what is the most exciting thing in this technology and what we can learn from those two amazing guests.

New Special Edition Episode #012 online - Jürgen Pfeifer, Alessandro Dini, Kevin Rice and Xavier Blanc Baudriller 

“Passion“. That was probably the most used word in connection with this Elite Experts Conferences podcast episode. Next to TEOREMA, of course. Because this whole special edition episode of our technology podcast is about Teorema - the world first completely virtual concept car created and presented by Pininfarina in the summer 2021.


The Pininfarina team worked not only in an internal collaboration between Italy and China, but also with some great collaboration partners who contributed brilliantly to the technology side. Which projects get usually attention from Elite Experts Conferences? Those where innovative technologies, efficient collaborations, great personalities and sustainable thinking and acting come together. It is our pleasure to welcome our great guests:

  • Xavier Blanc Baudriller - Head of Experience and Product Design at Pininfarina,
  • Kevin Rice - Chief Creative Officer at Pininfarina, 
  • Jürgen Pfeifer, Head of Mechanics & Hardware Engineering from Continental Engineering Services and 
  • Alessandro Dini, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer from WayRay.

And how is „passion" involved here? Well, you take four outstanding individuals, all passionate about their field, and leave them with Dr. Ludmilla Derr for just about 2 hours who is also known for being full of enthusiasm for innovative technologies and efficient collaborations.  What comes out is an exciting podcast episode that educates, entertains and inspires. Enjoy listening!

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Expert Insights Exclusive for Elite Experts Conferences

Today our way leads us to Shanghai Auto Show 2021 and we are accompanied by a top expert when it comes to car design: Daniel Darancou. Daniel shares with us his top three highlights of the show. Why is Daniel in particular perfect for correctly assessing the Chinese market and also making the right connections back to the Western markets?

Well, especially when it comes to bridging different cultural worlds, Daniel has had a stellar career in the design world. After his time at I.DE.A Institute in Italy and at General Motors in the US, he moved to China in 2010 as Vice President of Design at QIANTU MOTOR EV and CH-AUTO Technology, where he is currently based. In the meantime, with many cars that have gone into production and bear his signature. 


Daniel Darancou:

„What I take away from this year's show is the importance of the show to all car companies and the continued quest to maintain or grow market share in China. There were many stand out vehicles that caught my attention. Surely, every vehicle deserves recognition and phrase in some form. I am pleased to see the emergence of the C-Factor being applied to the international brands with significant presences in China. The vehicle that I studied first is the AUDI  A6 e-Tron. The classic and robust proportion's of the A6 have been refined and the boldness and solid feeling has improved the visual perception of the ICE A6. Gone is the delicate plastic detailing that felt " brittle " to quote my Chinese designers. I was also very impressed with the deep body side form development from an engineering point of view. My experience tells me the hinge mechanism must be advanced. The AUDI dealer showroom will be a wonderful place judging from the show.

My next object of desire was the Dongfeng ETL 2021. The concept took a design risk and pushed the boundaries' of what an urban cross over can be. The surfaces and details are very mature and refreshing in it's embracing of " super flat" design vocabulary. Handsome stance and cool , clean sportiness set it apart from many of the variation on a theme designs . It will also fit nicely into Dongfeng's new EV brand portfolio. Dongfeng has partnerships with many of the world's most successful brands. Not many westerners follow this important brand. 

Lincoln unveiled a tasty sedan that really capitalized on the design success's of their SUV line-up. The attention to detail both interior and exterior now provides Lincoln with a handsome sedan worthy of the Lincoln badge. Some sporty SUV inspired details with an understanding of the Chinese buyers expectations shows how this brand intends to be a major player and competitor to the European and Asian brands. Perhaps a long wheelbase version could be a game changer for the brand.“

One of the most favorite episodes of our listeners:

Episode #004 – Thomas Ingenlath 


Our outstanding guest this time: CEO of Polestar, Thomas Ingenlath! We always announce in the podcast „Whether at live events or in the digital world, we bring together cool promising tech startups with exciting innovative global players and generate a platform where the world of sustainable technology meets.“ In this episode it couldn't be more fitting - we have a little bit of both - back-up from established automotive companies, but also elements of start-up dynamics in the daily work at Polestar. 


Dynamic, sustainable, efficient, purist, bold, noble - simply Polestar!


Thomas answered many technical and strategic questions - honestly, competently and thoughtfully!


EEC Podcast would not be EEC Podcast without a personal, inspiring touch!


Thomas also shared with us many personal insights:

- Who and what was crucial in his career

- What advice he would have given young Thomas 

- Which advice was most important in his life so far


...and much more!


Feel this energy, inner conviction and drive! Let it inspire you!