The topic of this premium panel is: "Opportunities and challenges in modern high performance bonding". Straight away for all those who want to scroll on quickly if bonding is not your topic. Please pay attention, that as always we talk not only about the technologies themselves, but also about the business strategic factors, business decisions, trends - and this is so strongly interconnected, that it can be a highly interesting episode, for all of you, who are working in the field of automotive and transportation engineering.

In fact, for anyone doing anything in lightweight design in the mobility sector, it's mandatory. Well mandatory is a strong word, because we can't decide about your free time, but we would highly recommend it to everyone, let's put it that way. And if bonding really isn't your thing, then the episode is worth it even just for the life wisdom that the guests always share with our dear audience at the end. This time it was ingeniously coherent and each guest with his contribution like a fitting piece of the puzzle perfectly complemented the entire whole. 


What a dream team from Sika:


1. David Tobler as Corporate Head Transportation and Aftermarket Business 

2. Piero Della Mura as Market Field Engineer Transportation 

3. Florian Altenwegner as Product Manager Assembly Line 

4. Jessy Bridier as Corporate Business Development Manager Structural Bonding


It was interesting and entertaining to hear how Sika builds partnerships that work, how to create collaborations that dare to be creative and how even crazy ideas have a chance. We talk about plans and about coincidences, about theory and practice and all that with lots of examples from the industry. With a lot of knowledge, with honesty, with humor and with a lot of inspiration - just as always true to our motto "educate, entertain and inspire".


Tune in and enjoy!

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