Podcast #016 - Abdullah Jaber, Michael Nimtsch and Dr. Stefan Binnewies


 In this episode of the Elite Experts Conferences podcast we take a look behind the scenes of a collaboration between a tech startup Trailer Dynamics and a global player in the transportation industry  Krone Commercial Vehicle Group. Let’s feel the magic of this special cooperation that actually came out of a cold email. We not only look at the technical details of Trailer Dynamics' technology and its role in decarbonizing the transportation industry, but also at the cooperation between Trailer Dynamics and Krone.


The stage is set for our new guests: 


- Abdullah Jaber: co-founder and Head of Development at Trailer Dynamics 

- Michael Nimtsch: co-founder and Managing Director at Trailer Dynamics

- Dr. Stefan Binnewies: Member of the Management Board at Bernard Krone Holding 


What do we learn in this episode:

- What are the basics of the technical implementation of Trailer Dynamic’s technology and how big is the positive environmental impact

- What is the short-term and long-term vision of Trailer Dynamics

- What is Krone's vision for the future and how can Trailer Dynamics help there along the way

- How Trailer Dynamics had also experienced very dark hours and  why giving up was never an option

- What made Krone management team put so much trust in this particular startup 


It's exciting knowledge, it's fun and entertaining, it's inspiring. Because as in every episode we don't just learn technical details, we also get to know the top lessons learned by our guests, we discover their leadership lessons, we learn what inspires them and what makes them feel more optimistic and empowered about the future. 

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