The topic of this premium panel is: "Battery industry paradigm - plan for mass production and permanent innovation adoption“. If you are looking for 'dry, factual and boring' - you won't find it here. If you're looking for educating solid knowledge, entertaining positive spirit and inspiring insights, you've come to the right place. Because with these three great guests, this panel couldn't be anything but brilliant. 


May we clear the digital stage for our excellent guests:


- Yann Vincent, CEO at ACC - Automotive Cells Company


- Dominique SCHEIDER, Head of Industry Strategy and Marketing for Transportation EMEA at Rockwell Automation


- Dr. Grzegorz (Greg) Ombach, Executive Vice President and Head of Battery Systems & Head of Group Strategy and Innovation at DRÄXLMAIER Group


What can you expect from that panel?


Yann, for example, had to answer the following questions:

- What did 2021 mean for ACC’s development

- What is ACC’s strategy to outperform competition like CATL, LG etc

- What are the key points that Europe can learn from Asia in battery production

- Which of ACC’s goals can be achieved more efficiently through a collaboration - listen to that - there is a huge business case behind that for some of our listeners!


Dominique contributed a lot of knowledge with regard to:

- What will be the major challenges in ramping up EV battery manufacturing to the mass production levels required

- What factors need to come together to enable flourishing battery mass production in Europe

- Details about the partnership with Cadenza and other strategic partnerships

- How can new players compete on price and/or battery performance


The questions for Greg were no less challenging:

- What are the biggest challenges on the way to mass production

- Some great examples of successful partnerships in the industry and an analysis what are the main success factors

- Great analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of increasing joint ventures between battery cell manufacturers and OEMs in the creation of new gigafactories 

- Key learnings from working with suppliers and logistics providers to minimize emissions from the movement and storage of battery materials


And many more topics and questions. Of course we stay true to our format and at the end of the panel you will get to know the human side of the guests and their key learnings, which go beyond professional know how and are rather key learnings for leadership, for life.


Enjoy the magic of a successful panel and feel the great atmosphere we all enjoyed in this round.

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