The topic of this premium panel is: "The race against time - a look behind the scenes at innovations scouting". By focusing on how huge companies do innovation scouting at startups and live co-creation, this episode is highly recommended for all tech startups that are in the mobility topics. It's doubly recommended for anyone in the autonomous driving space. You'll also see why in a moment. But it's also equally interesting for any global player working in the tech space who wants to do innovation scouting or even actively build their own startup hub. We have invited brilliant guests who could report exactly about that and share their experience.


Let's welcome our exciting guests:


- Viktoria Ilger as Team Lead Startup Initiative at Creators Expedition which is a startup initiative at AVL. 


- Christian Weber as Global Director Advanced Engineering ADAS & Technology Council at Continental 


We talked about so many topics:

- How did AVL decide to create this kind of startup initiative

- How is Christian related to the actual startup hub program called "co-pace" at Continental 

- Which topics are currently highly relevant in innovation scouting

- How a startup can get in contact and how long does this process take

- What would be the best pitch

- Some highly interesting co-cretion success stories were shared

- What are the key learnings from failed collaborations

- What are the most important success criteria for great collaborations?

- And many many many more interesting topics and insights…


And as always, remember that at the end of each episode our guests share a bit of their life experience and wisdom with us and as every time these answers are at least as exciting as the technical part. 


Tune in and enjoy!

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