Podcast #012 - Jürgen Pfeifer, Alessandro Dini, Kevin Rice and Xavier Blanc Baudriller

“Passion“. That was probably the most used word in connection with this Elite Experts Conferences podcast episode. Next to TEOREMA, of course. Because this whole special edition episode of our technology podcast is about Teorema - the world first completely virtual concept car created and presented by Pininfarina in the summer 2021.


The Pininfarina team worked not only in an internal collaboration between Italy and China, but also with some great collaboration partners who contributed brilliantly to the technology side. Which projects get usually attention from Elite Experts Conferences? Those where innovative technologies, efficient collaborations, great personalities and sustainable thinking and acting come together. It is our pleasure to welcome our great guests:

  • Xavier Blanc Baudriller - Head of Experience and Product Design at Pininfarina,
  • Kevin Rice - Chief Creative Officer at Pininfarina, 
  • Jürgen Pfeifer, Head of Mechanics & Hardware Engineering from Continental Engineering Services and 
  • Alessandro Dini, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer from WayRay.

And how is „passion" involved here? Well, you take four outstanding individuals, all passionate about their field, and leave them with Dr. Ludmilla Derr for just about 2 hours who is also known for being full of enthusiasm for innovative technologies and efficient collaborations.  What comes out is an exciting podcast episode that educates, entertains and inspires. Enjoy listening!

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