The title of this episode of the Elite Experts Conferences' podcast is „Eye-Net Mobile - for more safety on the road“. Our guest in this episode is Shuki Herzlinger, VP of Business Development at Eye-Net Mobile.


In this episode especially experts from the OEM sector should pay attention - especially if 'safety vision - aiming for zero' is your most important goal. Eye-Net is a tech company from Israel that aims to save many lives, especially those of vulnerable road users like pedestrians, cyclists, scooter drivers and so on by offering V2X accident prevention solutions and using smartphones and relying on existing cellular networks. In case of danger, road users, including car drivers, will get a real-time pre-collision alert and have enough time to react. 


Tune in and let Shuki tell you how mature the technology is, which projects with exciting partners have already happened and why this technology is already symbiotic with existing ADAS systems and perfectly complements them. Enjoy!



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