In this podcast episode, we have the honor of welcoming Maurizio Corbi to this digital stage. Maurizio is the Senior Designer at Pininfarina. Anyone in our community working with car design will immediately recognize Maurizio and his legendary achievements in the design world. For everyone else, here's a brief overview.


Car design has been Maurizio’s lifelong passion, and it wasn't enough for him to merely design cars – he wanted to design Ferrari cars. His first Ferrari project was the F116 (F456 GT) project, and his interior proposal was chosen. Then, in 1990, the iconic F50 emerged. The design process was unique, as Ferrari selected different elements and parts from the proposals of the entire team. In the end, Mr. Ramaciotti, the Director of Pininfarina Studies & Research at that time, built a unified proposal that featured a significant part of Maurizio’s work.


In 1992, Ferrari assigned his team the project to restyle the F348. From this exercise, Ferrari selected Maurizio’s proposals for the front and the side, giving birth to the F355 (Project F129). In December of the same year, he began the first sketches to define what later became the F550 Maranello (F131A). Over the decades, Maurizio has consulted on numerous projects, with a more recent contribution to the front end of the California in 2008. All in all, Maurizio is perhaps the only designer in the world who has designed the most Ferrari cars.


Join us as we dive into the evolution of Ferrari's iconic designs, exploring the delicate balance between tradition and innovation. We discuss insights into sustainable car design, navigating the changing landscape of mobility, and envisioning a future where elegance seamlessly merges with environmental consciousness. As in every episode, you will have many opportunities to learn from Maurizio, not only about car design but also about his personal lessons learned along the way.



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