It’s time for the next Elite Experts Conferences’ podcast episode. The topic of this episode is „Automotive cybersecurity in a highly connected world - a battle that can be won at all?“. Our guests this time are two experts from Upstream Security team, an Israeli scale-up providing industry-leading cyber threat protection:


- Giuseppe Serio is the VP Market Development and

- Yaniv Maimon is Director of Vehicle Security Operations Center (VSOC) 


Why are these two the perfect people to talk to about this topic? Well, Giuseppe knows both the startup and the corporate world and worked at IBM for over two decades on the very topic of cybersecurity before his start at Upstream. In addition, due to his role as VP Market Development, Giuseppe has excellent knowledge about the developments in the market and the latest trends.


Yaniv complements this perfectly with his deep technical knowledge and also has many years of experience in cybersecurity at IBM, Deloitte and also Boston Consulting Group and their clients. The fact that Yaniv started his career with studies in management and psychology but also in security and diplomacy for executives results in an explosive mix of knowledge. One of the skills of such experts is, for example, predicting the hacker's thoughts and actions and taking appropriate measures to stop the hacker. You always have to be smarter than your opponent - not an easy task.


The topics of discussion were: security of application programming interface (API), some real life scenarios, digital twins, trust and verify‘ approach in cybersecurity, some usual and unusual cases of cyberattacks, traditional IT SOCs and the VSOCs, requirements for the hardware etc.  As you can see we approached that topic on the technical level and also always when it was possible showing some practical examples.


Additionally, we talked about collaborations, search for talents - btw Upstream team is always looking for new talents - and future challenges and opportunities. And of course, as in every episode, we get to learn from the life wisdom and insights of these two exciting personalities - that is no less captivating than the technical part of the podcast.


Feel free to tune in and enjoy our approach to "educate, entertain and inspire”!

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