The topic of our next premium panel within the Elite Experts Conferences’ technology podcast is: "Innovation Scouting and Strategic Partnerships in Automotive Industry". We recommend this episode to every startup, every global player, every supplier, every OEM - in short, EVERYONE in the automotive industry who in some way works on tech innovations. 


Our outstanding guests this time are:


1. Jörg Brandscheid, CTO at Polestar;


2. Andrea Hees, Director Product & Program Management Global XBU Innovation  at Yanfeng;


3. Gustav Tuschen, EVP at AVL for Industrial & International Operations and Business Development Truck & Bus  


The atmosphere of the discussion was so pleasant that an interesting exchange of knowledge and insights took place. As always according to our usual principle: "educate, entertain and inspire". There were very transparent answers about where the focus is at the moment, where the challenges are, how the topic of innovation and especially innovation scouting is approached in every company.  Of course, the discussion was also about all possible facets of strategic partnerships, a few example stories were shared and the key learnings collected.


And as in every episode, the guests answer not only the technical questions, but also a few questions about their personal path, outlook on life, etc. So if you want to know, for example, which book influenced the guests the most and why is that, stay tuned for the episode until the end.


Tune in and enjoy! 

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