„The Future of Electric Propulsion“ - the next Elite Experts Conferences’ podcast episode is online! What an atmosphere! We don’t want to promise too much, but this has become the most heartfelt, entertaining and personal episode yet. Our guests this time are Nick Grewal  - CEO and President at ePropelled and David Hudson  - Head of EV Strategy at ePropelled. Anyone who has been in the EEC network for a while knows how important collaborations are to us and how much we care about creating the most exciting connections in the industry. In this episode, two worlds meet, two great personalities that couldn't have complemented each other better. One world is the corporate world which is based on David Hudson's rich experience, shaped by many years of working at Jaguar Cars and most recently at Tata Motors. The other world comes from the life experience of Nick Grewal, who instead knows the startup world so well, having been involved in 40 (yes, 40!) tech startups as an entrepreneur and investor.  It was brilliant to learn from both worlds, from both guests. And it's great that these learnings are now combined to make ePropelled a success.

Now, what will we learn in this episode?

- What is special about ePropelled and their vision.

- How to be strategically aligned and focused

- The guests' wise, motivational and inspirational life mottos - which are now printed out and hanging in Ludmilla Derr’s office - no kidding!

- Motivation and energy levels are not a matter of age

- Nick and Dave reveal their best approaches on how collaborations between startups and global players become a success

- Nick shares some breathtaking stories from his pilot experience and what he learned from it for business - these are by far the scariest stories in the history of this podcast.

- Dave shares his experience on how to work best in multicultural projects

- And much much more.


This episode will also give you an insight behind the scenes of EEC Podcast, because the atmosphere during the recording of the podcast comes across incredibly well - we had a lot of fun and that is so obvious in this episode. 


More about the background of our great guests:

Nick Grewal is an experienced technology entrepreneur and investor in over 40 high-tech companies and he has led engineering, business development, and operational teams at many companies. In the 90s, he started Onlake Investments, a successful investment company. Prior to Onlake, he was the founder and CEO of Nashoba Networks, which was acquired by Cisco Systems for $100 million. Nick remained there as vice president. However, after a while, he felt an urge to start a startup again, and that at an age when others are retiring. What an energy level - but listen for yourself!


Our second guest is David Hudson who has over 40 years of experience in engineering and professional services. David spent over 15 years at Jaguar Cars before moving into automotive consultancy, working with leading powertrain companies in Europe, Asia, and North America. For the past decade, he worked at the Tata Motors European Technical Centre as Head of Propulsion and Head of Vehicle & Powertrain Engineering. And now David has been with ePropelled for 2 months as Head of EV Strategy. It's great that David has a sense of both sides - from the OEM and from a tech startup.

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