The topic of this premium panel within the Elite Experts Conferences’ technology podcast is: "Power Electronics - Navigating the Challenges and Seizing the Opportunities”. 

If Volkswagen changes its strategy and 'suddenly' develops its own power electronics in-house, then we have to talk about it. If the CEO of VisIC Technologies says that in 2027/28 she will drive up with a car with GaN power electronics, then we have to talk about that too. 


Our excellent guests this time are:


- Dr. Tamara Baksht, CEO at VisIC Technologies


- Dr. Christian Wachtendorf, Head of Power Electronics Hardware Development, Volkswagen AG


First of all, if you are expecting a long and boring discussion, you are at the wrong place. The guests were exciting, very transparent, entertaining and provided some real surprises. 


We can reveal a few surprises right away. It is often the case that the technical leaders in large companies like Volkswagen refer the startups that approach them with exciting innovations to the internal startup programmes and startup hubs. Christian has a completely different approach. He wants people to approach him with bold and exciting developments, he wants to receive pitches on the topic of power electronics and filter them himself. So to all the start-ups that are reading this and are active in this field, take advantage of this opportunity and get in touch with Christian directly.


The second surprise came from Tamara, but you'd better listen in to hear why someone who comes from the start-up world appreciates the processes of large companies and finds them better for the field of power electronics.


So, if you want to experience knowledge combined with entertainment and inspiration, you've come to the right place. The motto of this episode is as always "educate, entertain and inspire”. 


Tune in and enjoy!

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