This podcast episode "Autonomous Driving & ADAS - progress towards the big vision" is a very special episode, because it's once again a Premium Panel with outstanding guests:


- Bernhard Müller-Bessler as Head of Autonomous Solutions at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence

- Georg List as Vice President of Corporate Strategy at AVL

- Dr. Sascha J. Semmler as Head of Innovation Continental Business Area Autonomous Mobility at Continental 


It’s very honest, very entertaining, very challenging. It's again a mix of education, entertainment and inspiration - not only for those who are fully into AD & ADAS but also interested in e.g. effective collaborations between different players. No matter what sector you come from, be it agile startup or established global player - everyone will discover something useful for oneself.


This episode could also get another title: ‚Bringing honesty to a new level’. Why? Because once again our great guests, each one a unique personality, made it easy to create a pleasant atmosphere where knowledge was exchanged, where past, present and future challenges and difficulties were discussed very openly. Of course, there were also discussions about the solutions. One of them is the topic - collaborations. Insights were given about trends, developments processes, but also what do you do when you have in cooperation partner, a customer and also a competitor at the same time? How do you discover promising technologies in the startup sector at a very early stage and develop them together? How to sustainably and collegially build an entire ecosystem of partners? And many more topics.


Dry and boring? We can't serve you with that. Optimistic, energetic, entertaining and with a sense of humor - well, then you've come to the right place. So, be prepared for an exciting episode and enjoy listening!

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