In this podcast episode we do something quite unusual. For the very first time a guest that was participating in one of our premium panels is invited right away for the next episode for an one-on-one interview.

Let’s welcome on this digital stage Jörg Brandscheid, as CTO at Polestar.


Also this time Jörg answered many interesting and challenging questions about:

  • Development of the product portfolio at Polestar
  • Sustainability and electrification
  • Polestar’s approach regarding automated driving abilities
  • Collaborations, especially with competitors - yes, it’s possible - tune in to know how to do it;
  • Collaboration between Volvo Cars, Geely and Polestar
  • How to innovate as a relatively small company
  • And of course some life wisdom about productivity and leadership


Jörg has a simply fascinating background. He worked for over 19 years at General Motors, starting as a Project Engineer and finishing in the role as Head of GM Powertrain Electronic Development. Afterwards he moved on to the role as Head of Electronics Development at CLAAS in agriculture machinery. In 2014, he joined Chery Automobile in China where he had the role as Executive Director Engineering. Later in 2017, he started as VP Engineering Powertrain/Drivetrain Electronics at Continental. After two years he moved on to HELLA as EVP Electronics and became a Member of the Executive Board. In October 2021 Jörg joined Polestar. 


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