Podcast #025 - Mario Brunner, Gustav Tuschen and Matthias Dank

Today we are celebrating our 25th episode on the Elite Experts Conferences Technology Podcast. We've prepared a little surprise for our audience. One of the guests on this new panel will look familiar to you. Yes, it's Gustav Tuschen from AVL, who was already on our panel with Andrea Hees from Yanfeng and Joerg Brandscheid from Polestar. That panel was outstanding and there are so many more stories to be told. 


Here are three guests from AVL in a completely new constellation:


1. Gustav Tuschen, EVP Business Development Truck & Bus and Industrial & International Operations.

2. Mario Brunner, EVP Engineering & Technology

3. Matthias Dank, EVP Global Business Development, Sales and International Operations Instrumentation and Test Systems


Which topics & questions were discussed?


- Developments in the automotive industry over the last 15-20 years

- Where we can expect the most dynamic transformations

- Where is the biggest potential in digitalisation and data management

- Decarbonisation: technology-wise feasible vs economically viable

- Links to energy sector & why it's so important

- Technology openness: risky path or incredibly smart?

- How to choose ‘crazy & bold’ projects - and listen if Dr. Ludmilla Derr was allowed to get a small insight there? 

- What can we learn from the motorsport industry

- What value is generated by startup hub “Creators Expedition - an AVL initiative”

- and many more


In this episode like in every episode we stay true to our motto “educate, entertain and inspire”.


Tune in and enjoy! 

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