Our guest this time: Fabian Hediger! Fabian is co-founder and CEO of Worldwebforum and co-founder and president of the board of directors of beecom. 


Fabian’s path was anything but easy, even though nowadays his company beecom delivers great results and the best of the best from the digital world are coming to the Worldwebforum:


- Apple's co-founder Steve Wozniak

- John Sculley, CEO of Apple for 10years

- Claude Zellweger, Director of Design at Google

- Glenn Gore, Chief Architect at Amazon Web Services

- Mark Thompson, CEO-Coach of Steve Jobs & Richard Branson


Listen in this episode about the fascinating story of the Worldwebforum, about challenges of beecom and a lot of straight talk about leadership!


These are magical moments when strong people with immense experience tell about their path. 


It's not that these people never worry, never make mistakes or always know how to go on. But these personalities have the courage to stand up again after EVERY fall! Simply inspiring!

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